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Three Hundred & Forty Three

That's the number of posts I have written. Surprised myself and to be honest things are really starting to drag. I'll finish out the year as I made a promise to myself that I would. This has been my project for 2019 in the same uploading a photograph everyday was my project for 2018. It's been a fascinating experience, and more on that for post three hundred and sixty five but for now I suspect that I won't be writing much next year. I'll find a new project for 2020. Not that I'm going to stop writing, no, I'll just stop forcing myself to write everyday to get better at it. I think I'm going to get as good as I'm going to get in this medium without really spending time thinking about my writing.

As I was collecting all the garbage from around the house - one of my Sunday regular activities, along with garden maintenance work - the light in the spare bathroom stopped working. It wouldn't turn on. I played with the switch and eventually it turned on, then it wouldn't turn off. The switch had well and truly broken in the the unsafe position of "always on". There is never any garbage in the guest bathroom, but as a routine I check anyway otherwise I haven't done a thorough job and that would nag at me.

Armed with my screwdriver, electrical tester, multimeter, wire cutters and a floor standing anglepoise light I borrowed from the bedroom I proceeded to take the cover plate off the wall. This wasn't helped by the previous occupants painting over it when they last re-decorated. The light switch literally fell apart in front of my own eyes from burn out, it's probably 24 years old.

Thankfully I had a spare switch in my "box of spares" so after unscrewing the old switch, re-stripping the wire where it had burnt, I had a new switch wired in, screwed back into the wall, wall plate screwed back on and the whole mess cleaned up.

Now, if anybody - guests included - want to leave trash in the garbage can in the guest bathroom there will be light to do it with.



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