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This Is Not A Drill

Days sheltering in place: 69.
Days to normality: 9 (at least).
Keyboarding: Practiced several times today.

The keyboard practicing is going OK thanks to GarageBand on an iPad connected to my keyboard, this means that whenever I stroll by, I can stop and practice for a while. I'm still mainly practicing two pieces, the opening to Toccata and Fugue and the opening to the West World Theme Tune. Plus, an arpeggio that comes later. Maybe I'll try extending each another bar, or two.

Today we finished "Run" on HBO - worth watching and "Normal People" - also worth watching. Run was fun, which is what it was expected to be and "Normal People" is serious drama which eats and tears at you in many ways, not the least of which is that it actually portrays normality in all of its forms. Watch it but be warned you are in for a ride.

Today I broke my drill. It was a cheap drill, but has lasted nearly four years and would have probably continued to last if it had coped with drilling the two holes in the frame of my bicycle that I needed to make to mount the holder for my pump. It managed the first hole, but smoke started streaming out near the end of the second hole and I knew that it had overheated, and I was burning the motor. I also knew that this was more than likely the end for it as motors don't survive this.

Sure enough, the motor fires for a good second before shutting off. Even several hours later now that it has cooled off.

I'll need a new drill, a good one because we decided today to build an outside deck in the area that gets the most shade under a large poplar tree. I should be up for building it myself, but I will need a new drill, a circular saw, a bench or two and lots of materials.

Mainly though new power tools, how can this not be fun.

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