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The State Purple

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Do the members of the Blue Man Group, vote Democrat?

Most US States are not Blue States or Red States, but some combination or Red Counties and Blue Counties.

Of course counties are really Blue Counties or Red Counties but really Blue Districts and Red Districts.

Then when it comes down to it, really it's Blue Voters and Red Voters, with the odd Green Voter thrown in, that doesn't even affect the color.

The end results is that everything is some shade of purple between purpley red and purpley blue.

At this very moment in time, almost all of California is Purple.

It looks like this:


Every county that is colored purple, has a population where the percentage of people tested positive to COVID in the last 7 days is 8% or greater. The purple counties account for 94.1% of the population of California.

Every county that is coloured purple, is facing a month long stay at home order, starting Saturday. But only from 10pm - 5am each night. Nothing else changes. For 30% of the day you are meant to stay at home - when you generally would have been at home anyway - and the rest of the time, go ahead and do what you were doing. OK, so indoor dining is banned again, and gyms are closed, because we opened them, which was stupid, duh.

Also, you are free to go out between 10pm and 5am, just stay away from everyone else, and don't form groups.

Maybe this will make a difference, somehow, I just don't see how.


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