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The saga of the Apple Watch Series 4 repair part 6 (of 13)

[This is a continuation of part 5 of the saga, this is part 6]

The streak solving watch arrived from eBay - or rather from the person who sold it to me on eBay. The packaging was extreme so it took a while to get through all the brown parcel tape that had been used to wrap the box on all six surfaces. Eventually, after some frustration, I got the box open, extracted the contents and was ready to check out the watch.

The watch face was indeed cracked, as expected, but other than that it looked to be in great condition. I needed to do was restore it from the watch backup of my wife's watch and I could move onto the next phase. As my wife was at work, so I decided to restore a backup of my watch to test it.

The battery was flat, and the watch didn't to want to charge. The display had what is known as "The Green Snake of Death" which is possibly an indication that there is something wrong with the battery. After a bunch of googling around and watching YouTube videos I performed a hard reset of the watch plus waiting it out with it on a charger solved the problem and the watch charged.

The version of watchOS on the watch was older than mine so I could only restore from an old backup - this is a common problem where you have to restore from an old backup or setup as new, upgrade the watchOS and then restore from your most recent backup.

I had a bigger issue to contend with. The crack on the screen — sort of NW to SE — was such that the touches on the top right section of the screen worked, touches on the bottom left did not. This wasn't going to work. I couldn't set it up with a PIN other than 3333 and too much functionality would be lost. This was not "Fully Working" as described in the listing.

The watch was going to have to go back. I'd have to come up with another plan. But first I upgraded the version of the watchOS so the next buyer didn't have to go through that.

I reported the problem to the seller, requested a full refund, which was quickly issued and I packaged the watch back up to return at the sellers cost.

Tomorrow I'll write about my wife's alternative plan.


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