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The saga of the Apple Watch Series 4 repair part 10 (of 13)

[This is a continuation of part 9 of the saga, this is part 10]

I had the brand new AppleWatch. I had unpaired the cracked AppleWatch as I had previously been instructed was a requirement. Time to contact Apple to get them to ship me a box to get the repair started.

With support, I always use the chat option whenever I can. It's easier for me to converse in this way, especially as I can rewrite a thought or sentence before actually submitting it. I can take my time instead of verbalizing words as they happen in my head with no undo. The other big upside for me is that I have a log. I can screen snap the chat but in most cases the company will e-mail me a copy of the conversation. This came in handy for this episode.

Starting up the conversation I explained the situation for the nth time and we quickly got to the need to ship the watch in for repair. To do that I would have to pay the repair cost up front, which Morgan explained was $399.00 + 6.95 in taxes. Shocked I responded with

"I was previously told $299+Tax. I can buy a new watch for 399+Tax."

to which Morgan responded:

"Previously told by whom?"

to which I pointed them at their own web site.

Morgan passed me to a supervisor called Thor - now this sounded like a guy who hammer out the issue. He told me that the repair cost was $399 + Tax and gave me the link I had just given them. I misread the $399 as $299 and said that was OK. In retrospect the repair cost for the cellular version of the watch is $399. This was not that watch but I now see the confusion although I'm glad now that I didn't point it out to them.

Thor sent me a payment request for $440.86, I objected as a new watch was only $433!

After a bit of back and forth over the fact that this was just not right. I was better of buying a new watch and selling the broken one for $50 I received this message from Thor:

"I will go ahead and push the repair on through for free as a goodwill gesture as a one time exception. Sound good?"

I was going to get the repair for free. Not $440, not $399+6.95 not $299+TAX, but $0.

Sure enough, that sounded good to me.

But, we're not done yet. I had saved ~$326 in repair costs but what was going to be the cost because after the repair I would have two AppleWatches and I only needed one. So far I was out $433.

What could I sell a repaired Apple Watch for? Read on here


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