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The saga of the Apple Watch Series 4 repair part 1 (of 13)

The first moment I knew that something was badly wrong was the anguished cry of "no" followed by intense crying from the direction of the bathroom. I leapt out of bed to find out what had happened to find my wife shakingly holding her Apple Watch which now had a cracked screen. Through tears she explained that in the process of taking it off to shower it had slipped and fallen on the tile floor. Six inches to the left and it would have landed on carpet.

I tried to console her that it would be OK, we would get it repaired and life would go on. But it wasn't about getting it repaired, or the fact that it wasn't going to be covered by warrantee so we would be out of pocket a bunch of cash that we probably couldn't afford, or that she had broken a precious (to her) gift from me, it was about the how hopeless she felt from the carelessness of dropping the watch and there was no way I could fix that, at least not with money or a fixed watch.

Previously she had an original series 0, and the a series 2 and now a series 4. All had bean worn, cared for and sold second-hand in mint condition. The same with her phones, an iPhone 5, 5s, 6S had all been sold in great condition, same with her iPad mini and macBook. If there is one thing she does is look after her electronics very very well.

Myself, well I'm petty good but I've broken many iPhone screens and I have a tendency to get through Apple EarBuds at an alarming rate.

Still I promised to get her watch fixed, and that is what I intended to do, hopefully for as little cash as I could.

[Part 2 continues here]


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