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The Fine Art Of…

Exercise: Gardening.
Keyboard: More Holiday Tunes.

The more I play a few notes here and there and my ability to remember everything that I have learnt to play all year gives me hope that if I actually bite the bullet and either take some lessons, or try some online interactive course - of which there are many - I could actually, quite possibly - or at least conceivable - pull it off. Well simple stuff of course.

It is rather satisfying that at I least feel that I have gotten better over the months.

I have always hated leaf blowers. Noisy gasoline driven gadgets used by landscapers to wake me up on a Sunday morning. Whatever was wrong with using a leaf rake and putting your back into it?

I'll tell you, blisters if you're not careful and its soul destroying - especially if there is any wind.

For the last few years I have raked the leaves that fall in my garden by hand. I have two pretty Japanese Maple trees that drop beautifully colored leaves and I gave four or five poplar trees that drop rather attractive yellow leaves. Years ago I decided that I would gather up the leaves, put them into clear boxes and sell them on Etsy, just to see if they would sell. Maybe this is the year.

This year, I'd finally had enough. After confirming with Karen that the contents of the mystery Home Depot box wasn't a leaf blower, off I went to buy one today. I naturally wanted a cordless electric one but in the end just couldn't justify the $99 for the cordless one when I could buy a more powerful corded one for $40. Yeah, not much of a price difference, and getting the cord out is such a drag compared to the cordless ones. My Chainsaw is corded electric, as is my hedge-trimmer, but I just couldn't do it.

If they had had the one that sucks as well as blows then maybe, but they were all out of the sucky ones that crushes the leaves and collects them in a bag. I blow all the leaves into the garden beds anyway to protect the rise bushes from frost and also as nutrients as the leaves break down.

Just like when I brought my chain saw, my first reaction on using my new leaf blower was "why have I waited so long". They are way too much fun, and come highly recommended (as do chainsaws for the non-massacre type activities).

There is an art to it though. A fine art of leaf blowing, and I am but an amatuer.

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