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Is My Birthday Still In July?

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I think my Birthday is in July, but sometimes I have to wonder.

Yesterday I said:

"buy yourself a piano stool and find a house that will fit a baby grand piano."

Today, taking this hint we went looking at new houses. Really, we were going to do this anyway. We had singled out about eight new housing developments with floor plans that we liked - eg: would fit a baby grand piano - in an area that we were interested in.

But before I tell you more about the houses I need to talk about a box. A few days ago a large box arrived from Amazon for Karen which I wasn't allowed to know the contents of. I saw her carrying it into her office and she said:

"You'll probably think I'm nuts, but it's for your birthday."

My Birthday is in July, or at least that's how I remember it. However, this didn't surprise me in the slightest, that she had brought something so far in advance that it isn't really conceivable.

This morning while I was eating breakfast in bed - yes I am an amazingly lucky husband who gets breakfast in bed at the weekends (and weekdays too) - a large Amazon box arrived on the bed. Karen said:

"You might as well have your Birthday present early, because if you don't like it, I can return it now, but not in July, and I think you'll find it useful."

This is starting to become a thing. I got a bike for my July Birthday in February one year. I receive a very good fully automatic espresso maker for my Birthday in May or June last year and it looks like, my Birthday is no longer in July because today, in January, I received a birthday present.

What did I get?

A piano stool (which Karen ordered at least a week before I even had the fleeting thought last night that I really should get one if I'm going to take this stuff seriously. I had never mentioned it or even thought of it before).

I really am an amazingly lucky guy!

Also, I definitely married the right person.

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