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The Box

Exercise: Mowed the lawn.
Keyboard Practice: full bedtime production.

I won't know what is in the box until late December.

My wife commented that I hadn't been playing so much lately, but I played everything I could remember tonight before bed. The fact that she mentioned it I took that it wasn't bad enough instead of hoping that I would give it up. As she brought me my keyboard I feel I have to put the effort in, and that is a good thing.

A few weeks ago a UPS truck turned up and dropped off two large & heavy boxes by my front door. I was perplexed, they were from Home Depot, had been shipped across the country but were for a previous owner of our house. I tried the contract number on the order, but no the line was dead - later I found it that it was once the number of the landline at the house. I had UPS come and pick up the boxes.

About a week later, another UPS truck pulled up and dropped off another box from Home Depot. I hadn't ordered anything, so why was this happening again.

I went down to pick it up, commenting to my wife that Home Depot had done it again, when she told me to back off, the package was for her, and I would find out later.

Thus, I'm getting something for Christmas or our Wedding Anniversary (three days after Christmas) from Home Depot, but what? I have plenty of power tools. In fact I have all the tools I can think of. She denies that it's a tool belt (even though it is our leather anniversary). I wouldn't say no to a cordless circular saw, but I doubt it's that.

December is so far away, and it's driving me nuts!

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