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A Good Whine

Exercise: Shopping.
Keyboard Practice: nope.

Today is the day our Dyson vacuum died. It ran for two minutes and stopped. It did this the other day.

This early evening I consulted the web, consulted dyson.com, checked when we purchased it (June 2017 - thank you good accounting practices), and whether the battery should be dying by now - it should not, but if we want a new one; that will be $100 please.

Tonight was the night I set my stop watch to see how long it would run and whether it would stop after 2 minutes or 20. After it didn't stop after the first two and a half minutes I was boring listening to the motor whine as it sucked in air.

Just before bedtime was the time I decided I might as well put the vacuum to some use and vacuumed the living room, then attached the floor tool so I coul vacuum the kitchen, the front room, Karen's craft room, the stairs, the landing, the master bedroom, master bathroom, walk-in closet, guest bedroom, my office, the stairs - again - and just as I was reaching the bottom of the stairs having run out of areas to vacuum the motor finally stopped.

Total run-time, with the extra motorized floor roller, eighteen and a half minutes. Considering the battery is three years old, and the quoted run time is twenty minutes (I think, it might actually only be eighteen) I think it has fully recovered from the fright of being put to a good use.

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