11 months ago 🥁 for day 246, 2021 with 238 words.


Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Let It Go (172 / 182)

Making progress in all things Frozen. Ten more notes to go - all bass chords - and I'll be onto my next song.

Well, here I sit with not a lot to write. Karen is back in five days (not that I'm counting or anything), which also means I have five days to make sure that the house is presentable on her return. Clean, ironing done, fridge stocked, washing up done, laundry done, you get the idea.

I'm still using Obsidian as my post writer for two reasons:

  1. It works very well, supports markdown, and syncs across my devices

  2. I get to keep all my posts and as I managed to export most of my posts before exporting broke I have them to hand and can link to them.

I have every post that I wrote except those between Dec 23rd, 2020 and 24th July 2021, which is a lot of posts. I really hope @owen fixes the export even if it means manually e-mailing the export to the few remaining writers instead of fixing the current problem - which if I understand it correctly, export works, e-mail fails. I know Kirstine asked him again today and well he is on a cross-Canada road trip I hope it can be fixed before we hit 1,000 posts.

OK, moan over, "time for bed" said Zebedee


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