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Running the worlds oldest underground / subway system they have a lot of experience on how to get it right and they really do seem to do just that.

TfL Is the abbreviation for Transport for London. Back in the days when I lived in London or commuted in and out of London it was known as London Transport. they run the tube, buses, light rail etc.

It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I realized just how good it is. Like any public transit system it has it’s issues - leaves on the lines, frozen points, wrong kind of snow as well as closures for maintenance - however for ease of use or travel it is very extensive and easy to use.

Some US cities - eg: Washington DC, San Francisco, LA et al - have semi-decent transit but nothing really compares as far as I’m concerned.

Of course the Internet helps with all this. Real time route planning, real time status information and free WiFi on the platforms - thanks Virgin.

What really changed things for me is the ease of payments.

Back in the day everything was cash. Then eventually you could buy a day pass using a credit card (circa 2012) for zones you would be traveling in. A few years later you could tap on & off using a contactless credit card - a technology the US still doesn’t seem to understand exists.

Nowadays you can tap on & off using your iPhone or AppleWatch. You don’t even have to wake your watch up or press any special buttons, use touch or faceID. Hold your watch to the sensor and your done.

It doesn’t even matter if your watch / phone runs out of battery. As a contactless credit card it still works without power.

Thank you TfL & Apple for making transit around London less hassle than anywhere else I have been in the world.

NB: Don’t forget to mind the gap.


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