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Ten Minutes a Day

Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: New World Symphony, for @fiene

I practice piano ten minutes a day. Karen points out that I don't have a piano so should not refer to what I do as "playing my piano" but rather playing my keyboards. As more of a synth player - in a band long long ago - I can go with that, until we design our new home with a big white room that Karen can come into and open all the shutters while I play "Imagine", on my white grand piano.

But is ten minutes a day enough? If I do it every day, that's 3,653'ish minutes a year or roughly 60 hours. This means after only 166 years I will have played 10,000 hours of piano (or another keyboard instrument with the same key layout as a piano) and would be quite good at it.

I don't have 166 years, maybe I have ten years to get good at it, which means 2.7 hours of practice a day. Yeah, I don't have a spare 2.7 hours to devote to it, so, I guess I'm never going to be some masterful piano player.

But that's OK, it wasn't what I set out to do when I decided to re-learn how to play, what I had actually set out to do, will, maybe, be discussed in a future post.

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