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Tempted by the New Shiny

Days to COVID Vaccine Part 2: 2 Days
Exercise: 2 mile walk
Piano Song of the day: Back to Mr Smith

There is something about the C -> Am -> F chord progression that makes it an easy one to learn and every now and again I can throw in a G chord. I'm now getting to the point that I can switch chord finger positioning without thinking about it too much, touch playing, and I'm slowly getting there.

Well I'm definitely getting a new AppleTV 4K, but before that I'm getting the new AppleTV remote for our existing TV so I can ditch another of Jony Ive's awful design decisions - the existing remote that everyone hates, with good reason.

And of course I'll be buying some AirTags because I'm a big fan of Tiles and if Tiles don't want to allow me to track their hardware using Find My - which they could - then, forget it. Let them go the FitBit route and eventually they'll get purchased by Google when they run out of money.

Not getting an iMac, because I have a 27" Thunderbolt monitor and I like portability. Plus they could have put faceID in the iMac and didn't.

Would get the new keyboard with TouchID if it worked with my machine and you could buy it separately, which it doesn't and you can't.

Which leaves the new iPad Pro. Do I need an iPad Pro? No. Do I want an iPad with faceID, absolutely. My wife has one and having to use TouchID on my iPad is such a pain.

And this is where Apple's pricing gets complicated. The iPad Air is $599, but that is only for the 64GB model, which really doesn't cut it. You need 128GB but they don't make that model, they make a 256GB for $749 or alternatively you get get an iPad pro with 128GB for $799, and Apple knows that you can work this out and you'll spend the extra $50 and buy the Pro, because it has facID and the air only has touchID.

My existing iPad 7 is worth $235 and my wifes 2nd Gen iPad pro is worth $500. A new iPad pro is $799. So she could upgrade for $299 or I could upgrade for $564. Or, she could upgrade for $299 and instead of trading in her iPad we trade in mine and I pay the $265 difference and keep her old iPad pro. I'll need to buy a series 2 Apple Pencil, but can possibly sell my old series 1 to somebody.

Hmmm. I have until Friday to decide.

Ilya is of course getting an iPad Pro (he just hasn't said so yet).

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