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Big Iron

Exercise: Took out the trash.
Keyboard: Random instruments care of GarageBand.

My first experience with a computer was probably when I was twelve, maybe I was eleven I'm not really sure. It was somewhat like a scene out of a Isaac Asimov I, Robot short story except the lack of mechanical men, Susan Calvin and the fact that I didn't know any of the three laws of robotics.

I didn't see the computer, I saw a large typewriter type device that I now assume was a Teletype, quite possibly the well known Model 33.

The teletype conversed with the computer over a phone line and an acoustic coupler, probably at approximately 110 baud, which is roughly 11 characters a second. You are probably reading this on a device that is transferring data at a speed that is two million times faster than that.

We, as students were invited to ask the computer simple questions, to which it gave simple answers or no answer at all. A couple of million times dumber than Siri.

I later discovered that the computer in question that we were communicating with over the slow teletype was an IBM 370.

Overall, I was not impressed. Computers were definitely not something of interest to me.


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