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Taming The Snake

Exercise: none.
Welsh word of the day: Bara (Bread).

Last year, or was it the year before. I've lost track. I'm pretty sure it was the year before, I wrote about all the languages that I have programmed in and mentioned in my last of the series posts that one I hadn't was Python.

Well, I did some more Python coding today to help out a friend who was learning Python and having difficulty. Now I know not a lot about Python other than the fact that it is block structured, nesting is done by indentation and it very popular, especially as a first language for people to learn. Of the latter I'm especially glad to hear that they now teach Python instead of forcing students to learn Java. Personally I think they should teach JavaScript but like all software engineers I'm biased.

Armed with a web browser to google syntax I managed to help my friend write the code he needed and left him to finish the rest of the assignment. Except I had this nagging desire to finish his assignment also. Not for him obviously. He has to do the work himself with only hints from myself. No, I wanted to see if I could write the code for a Masters Level Computer Science course assignment in a language I was unfamiliar with.

Thanks to the web it seems I can. I have the first version working and now I need to fix some bugs in my design that I discovered on the first few runs.

It's fun to learn something new again, plus now I'm less frightened to debugging other people's Python code or writing AWS Lambda's in the stuff when needed.

Next, maybe I'll finally learn git.

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