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Take It To The Source

Exercise: Rest Day.
Piano Song of the day: Party Anthem (213/242).

Everybody raves about GIT. To me - and I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion - it's a mess. OK, so I've used lots of source control systems in my time. RCS, CVS, whatever the version control system was in Apple's MPW, then SubVersion, and now GIT.

So far Subversion (SVN) wins for its power and simplicity. GIT has more power and with it comes a lot of complexity. It's power comes from being able to easily maintain multiple branches of code and switch between them easily. Then merge those changes into other branches - often the main branch.

This is a very powerful feature, especially for keeping "work in progress" around and not conflicting with other "work in progress". But I feel it also encourages source code drift which then leads to merge conflicts. Everyone talks about various tools for resolving conflicts. I say, keep your branch(s) in sync with the main branch as often as you can - daily, or ideally many times daily - and you won't have conflicts.

Maybe I'm completely mistaken, maybe people just abuse it. Maybe people haven't used anything other than git and thus think it is wonderful. It definitely is not that.

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