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T’was The Night After Christmas

Exercise: Lifted my legs and put them on the coffee table
Welsh phrase of the day: Nos da (Good night)

I can finally reveal what was in the Home Depot box that I accidentally noticed being delivered 60 days ago.

When we opened our presents this morning, none of them indicated that they could have possibly have been brought at Home Depot - especially the Autobiography of John Peel - which was in fact probably the best gift I received. I had always wanted to be a DJ if I hadn’t become a software engineer. Being very introverted I figured I could hide behind the microphone on the radio.

But I digress. On mentioning that I was puzzled by the fact that none of these items were from Home Depot my wife kindly reminded me that it was our anniversary in three days and was I absolutely sure that there ever was a Home Depot box was I imagining it,

Did she go totally “Tim the Toolman Taylor” and buy me a wedding anniversary present from Home Depot? Maybe, but I’m sure that there was a box from Home Depot. I would need to wait.

About 30 minutes later I was walking past the Christmas Tree when I noticed a large Home Depot box with a “Merry Christmas” ribbon on it under the tree. Now she was just toying with me.

Turns out my Anniversary Present is not from Home Depot - or so I think - and it wasn’t under the tree originally because I kept mentioning it and she wanted to have some fun.

Well, fun she had, and it turns out that I did indeed nail it in my original post as to what I had thought could be in the box. An item that I never really though I would have a use for, but when it comes down to it, as I perform almost all the home maintenance around the house - everything but the roof really - it turns out to be a brilliant present that will indeed come in handy.

The contents of the box contained: a very fancy tool-belt.

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