11 months ago 🥁 for day 221, 2021 with 339 words.

T'was the night before the night before

Exercise: Walk to Lowes to get lightbulbs
Piano Song of the day: Fireworks (221/257)

I'm back on "Fireworks", which is a fast song, and I called it a night at 221 notes. Some fumbled, some missed and I know where the missing ones are mainly - which is in the first bass bridge - I'll get there.

Of course, the new chandelier didn't come with lightbulbs, I mean why would it, it's only a ceiling light. That's OK because generally, lightbulbs are quite cheap, you can get a pack of 8 LED ones for $10-$15 and they'll last, I don't know 5 years, maybe 15.

When I brought this house I went around and changed all the lightbulbs I could to LED ones. Haven't changed a lightbulb in 5 years. New slim light fittings come with a built-in LED lightbulb with a design that means when the bulb finally fails in 10-20 years time you buy a new fitting. Yes, it seems wasteful, but in 20 years' time, you probably want to replace it anyway.

This is like smoke detectors. They come with a 10-year battery and when the 10 years is up you throw it away. You may think this is a huge waste, but here is the thing. After 10 years a smoke detector should be replaced anyway as they aren't very good at detecting stuff anymore. So the fact that the built-in battery dies and forces you to replace it is actually a good idea.

At Lowes, I brought a set of 6 LED bulbs that can operate in both a soft-white yellow glow or in the bright white daylight modes. This is handy because at the moment Karen uses the dining room as her craft room so we have the bulbs set to white. But later when we turn it back into a dining room, we'll switch them back to romantic soft yellow. I also have a HomeKit controlled wall-dimmer and made sure to buy dimmable bulbs.

"Hey Siri, set the dining room lights to romantic dinner level"

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