9 months ago 🥁 for day 222, 2021 with 227 words.

T'was the night before

Exercise: Walk to Walmart for Yogurts
Piano Song of the day: No time today

It's been a crazy day, meetings out the wazoo and I don't think I did any of the things that I promised the development team I would possibly get to, such is life, but they know these things happen.

I'm sure I had a list of subjects to write about in case I forgot. Can't find it.

I did write a lot of words in response to @rin about finding one's purpose, or in my case why you shouldn't bother. You can read their (is that right Rin) post here and I recommend you do and add your own thoughts.

Karen sold another of the Exploding TARDIS Cushions / Throw Pillows and that means that there are only two left. Plus as we can't get the material anymore, it is quite likely that there will be no more. They do look really good in person and I'm tempted to keep them for ourselves because once they are gone, that's it.

OK, I found the list of subjects. I thought it was in Things, but it turns out it is in Apple Notes. Nope, I was wrong, closer inspection reveals that they are notes on the book on writing that @owen recommended.

Nope, still can't find it, oh well.

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