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SuperGlue Bicycle Art

Exercise: couple mile walk.
Keyboard Practice: No time for Sonata.

SuperGlue and the Art of Peddle Bicycle Maintenance

That is what the title should have read but it would be way too long to fit and the title I came up with - I feel - is much more interesting, if only I could write about that instead.

My wife - Karen - goes out on a 10+ mile bike ride every morning with her goPro and cellphone camera. Not for the last week as the air quality has been abysmal. But today finally things are turning around, there is a blue sky, the air is clearer, the sun is again shining bright on the solar panels.

First I don't know how she does it, but my part in all of this is "chief bike tech" in the same way that band members have "guitar technicians", Karen has a "bike technician". I assembled her new bike, and it is my responsibility.

Which means when I get the text message that she has a flat tire it is my job to get out of bed, jump in the car, go find where she is, and either pump up the tire or load up the bike and bring it home.

Which is exactly what happened two days ago. She had to use the stationary bike this morning and boy did she have some carefully chosen words for her "bike tech" about that.

Thus tonight, I patched the inner tube - having found the leak - first using a normal patch and then as it really didn't seem to be holding very well, I superglued it down.

Testing after the fact shows that it really isn't holding with the tire going soft after a few hours. I have two quality innertubes on order (which I should have done before - of course) and will be replacing the punctured one on Saturday.

Hey @fiene, Casey has an Ant problem.

Finally, here is a picture Karen took of a bird on our bird feeder from her instagram account.


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