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Lost in Transit (almost)

Exercise: Lazy Day.
Keyboard: opening bars of many christmas tunes.

         ’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes
                    - Christopher Bullock (c1716)

As Kirstine has already written in the subject of death, it's my turn to talk about taxes. Of course taxes are avoidable and I had a long discussion about that elsewhere that I might write up one day. However, one of the easiest ways to avoid taxes is to go live in a tax-free jurisdiction - or so you would think.

The thing is that while these places don't have income tax or business taxes or other forms of taxes as they need income they create it in other ways. For example the Cayman Islands has no tax but it has a flat 20% import duty on everything imported onto the island, including the cost of transporting it there. The net effect is that while there is no income tax, there is a flat 20% sales tax - which while not unusual in Europe - it is high by American Standards.

New Hampshire - one of the US States in New England - has no income tax, and it has no sales tax either. It has the highest property taxes in the USA.

In the end it doesn't matter how you pay your tax, on the basis that your local and federal government needs money to function,as does your schools, fire service, etc you will end up paying some-kind of tax in one form or another - unless you are a real estate investor, but that is a whole different post.

Today three things happened:

  1. I started my 2020 taxes. Even though they are not due until April 15th 2021 I started working on them. I'll have a rough idea as to how much I owe, or how big a refund I'll get soon. Plus taxes, like all forms of accounting are fun and good for the brain.

  2. After travelling more than five thousand miles, and looking like it was completely lost for nineteen days it finally arrived on my doorstep. That's right I got some of Leonie's stickers.







In the same package as the stickers was the original painting of the Sunflower Girl, it's all mine! Yes, I know that that technically isn't the actual title of the work, but as I own it, I get to call it whatever I want (I hope).

sunflower girl


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