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Just Another Sunday

Days sheltering in place: 146.
Exercise: Household chores.
Keyboard practice: Bohemian Chopsticks.

An e-mail from Tesla reminded me that as it hasn’t rained in many months I should clean my solar panels to remove any dust build up. They suggest a garden hose, or hire a professional.

I have a garden hose, I have a jet nozzle attachment, but I also have an issue. I can’t really see my panels unless I’m in the far corner of my garden - or ideally on the hill across the street.

My house has 10 foot (3 metre) ceilings. It was one of the selling points that I liked about the house. To match it has really big picture windows which let in lots of light - which is a plus / negative depending on the season. Part of the house is vaulted, so the ceiling is 20 feet. Add the root itself and the solar panels are at least 25 foot (Europeans, you do the math, 8+ metres I guess) above my garden. No way I can successfully spray water that high, especially as I can’t see the panels.

When we brought the house back in 2016, one of the the first purchases was a 16 foot ladder. I could have gone for a 20 foot one, however I figured, 16 feet, plus half a body length will get me to the ceiling in the vault if needed, and if not there is always scaffolding.

I don’t have a fear of heights. Being on top of Everest wouldn’t bother me in that regard, but sheer heights and the fear of failing induces adrenaline that tells my head to tell my legs that this isn’t a good idea. Looking out the windows of the Sears Tower - which I have done twice - is a bit of an adrenaline rush. Rollercoasters you can imagine are not my thing if high. Space Mountain is OK, because it’s dark and you can’t see how high you are.

Being up a ladder where falling could do great damage is done with trepidation.

Face your fears they say. So I present to you the sixteen foot ladder I lent against a tree, climbed to the top of, hose in hand and washed all the dust off my solar panels.

Just another Sunday at the House of Scribblings.




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