2 years ago 🥁 for day 108, 2020 with 236 words.

Stressed To The “Mikes”.

Days sheltering in place: lost count (31?)
Spare rolls of toilet paper left: 3

This post brought to you by many Mike Oldfield’s a drumming, to get a sense of the level of my stress you too can listen to this drumming representation here.

I’m not sure how many Mike Oldfield’s it took - or how many overdubs it took, maybe four “Mikes” which is the my new level of music complexity, and that’s just the drumming, probably six or seven “Mikes” in total..

Talking about drumming, and I’m no drummer - except when I’m alone in my office - the other bits of drumming that I particularly like are:

  • The drum sequence at the start of Pink Floyd’s “Time”. This isn’t your drum solo stuff this is Nick Mason “noodling” around on the toms in a very off beat manner. There is something about the long drum sequence that gets me every time, you can catch it here.

  • The final drums from the final song by The Beatles, aptly called “The End”, it was the song where they put together all the left over bits and pieces they had and each had a solo, three guitars and one set of drums. This is how you go out in style, listen here.

Got any favorite drum sequences you want to share, let me know.

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