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Exercise: 2+ miles walk
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My temperature is OK, my taste buds can still taste chocolate. I think I'm doing OK.

There was a discussion on the Charged Tech Podcast about not buying anything on Black Friday and instead shopping locally.

To be honest, I'm not against Black Friday and buying stuff from the likes of Amazon. Just don't buy something that you wouldn't have bought already. It you were planning on buying a new vacuum cleaner, then you might as well take advantage of the Black Friday deals.

They also talked about buying the same thing, but from a local store, at I assume is a much higher price. I'm all for supporting local retailers, when they provide good service. Some small stores I would chose of the big box ones just because of the service.

But, and this is where it gets complicated. Not everyone has the disposable income that people working in High Tech do, or those with families to support. For many people, black friday is when they can afford to buy clothes for their kids because everything is 50% off. Or the laptop their kid needs for school (even more so nowadays).

In the US we have a Black Friday, Cyber Monday and over the last few years they added Shop Small Saturday where you are encouraged to buy stuff at the smaller local independent stores.

I received an Etsy order on Shop Small Saturday so somebody was thinking about that.

Myself, I delayed and Shopped Small Sunday instead. It wasn't exactly a local order, but Amazon doesn't provide service like this <-- Go on click the link!

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