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Days of COVID: 315
Exercise: None
Welsh word of the day: Ffermwr (Farmer)

Everything is a spectrum. Autism is a spectrum, intelligence is a spectrum, light is a spectrum, and if you ever watched Captain Scarlet you would know that "Spectrum is Green" not a spectrum at all.

      If you think about “average intelligence”, remember half
      of the population aren’t even at that level.
                 - scribblings

It is a realization you have to live with. No country is alone in this so if you want to relocate, check the average level of intelligence and the shape of that bell curve.

There are reasons (almost) half the country voted for Trump and half voted for Brexit. Although not wanting a female president may also have been a factor.

Eventually you make peace with this and start looking at these kind of things when considering cities to live in. It’s why I deceived long ago to retire to a “university” town.

Thankfully most of the time it is of no consequence and just because you’re not so smart doesn’t stop you from being a great human being full of compassion and respect for others and somebody worth knowing.

You don’t have to be smart to know what is morally wrong or full of such self ego to think that your need to party is greater than other people’s need to stay alive, yes I'm looking at you Amsterdam.

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