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Exercise: not really.
Keyboard: oxygene pt IV.

It’s the 243rd day of March, 2020 and we are all tired. I remember going to an event on the 8th of March, my house being broken into while I was at the event, and the realization that life was never going to be the same again.

Then a week later, the shelter-in-place order was given, then extended, then extended some more and then it became indefinite although people didn’t really shelter in place, they went about their business except most people worked from home.

Congratulations to everyone that hasn’t had COVID, you might be fed up with your lives as they are now, but you must have been doing something right. Christine of course put herself on the front-line, and while she took every precaution I am sure, it was still very brave as statistically the odds were not in her favor. The people of Denmark have a lot to be grateful there for her and all the others who have put themselves in a similar situation around the world.

Whatever you have been doing, don’t let your guard down, keep doing it, and do it well.

We will have a vaccine eventually. Which for most of the world will be free, and while this kind of thing is normally charged for in the USA, one would hope that it is considered preventative and in the public interest to be free for all, citizens, residents, and even people who technically shouldn’t be in the country.

Hopefully eventually is sooner than previously thought and things can start to return to some level of normalcy.

A least I hope so.

Soon, I hope.

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