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Question of Style

Exercise: 2+ Mile evening walk
Piano Song of the day: Pink Panther Theme (at 80% speed)

It's movie theme week on the piano program I'm using, which is always fun.

Here's a question for all you keyboard players out there, I know there is at least two of you reading these posts. In the Pink Panther theme the bass notes consist of two, and the two notes are G and A. So normally I would have my left hand anchored on the C an octave lower, which makes playing the A a means of moving my thumb one note higher.

Alternatively I can cheat a little and anchor my little finger on the D note instead of the C, and in this way can easily play the G, A sequence without having to extend my hand.

My question is, is this cheating, bad form, asking for trouble later on because I'm not anchoring on the common positions C & F. I'm trying to make life easier for myself, but making life easier now may mean breaking a bad habit later and I'd rather struggle with the right form now.

So, praise for being so creative or a virtual rap across the back of my left hand with a ruler for incorrect form, let me know in the comments.

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