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Solar Watering

Exercise: Watering the Solar Panels
Piano Song of the day: The Bear Necessities (107/117)

Finally a decent Disney song. There were a couple of Lion King's songs and another Little (princess) Mermaid song, but then I saw the final song was finally one that I was happy to put gusto into learning. It sounds deceptively simple but isn't. Nevertheless, this one I aim to crack before I run out of time, the Disney songs in my piano program are for a limited time only (I suspect).

Went up on my 16' (4.8 meters) ladder which I lent against a tree so that I could attempt my annual watering of my solar panels. Over the course of the year they get covered in dust, or smoke particles, and eventually need cleaning. If we lived in a single-story house I might contemplate getting up on the roof and cleaning them the same way the professionals do. But I have a fear of falling, and the roof is at least 25 feet (7.62 meters) off the ground so instead, I take the ladder and hose approach. It's obviously not as good or as effective, but a good dosing of water does clean away some of the dirt and dust so that you can visibly see the difference, and checking my solar power app, measurably better. We'll be entering the rain season soon enough so this is the pre-wash.

I could have the professionals do it, but really, given the cost of the cleaning vs the money saved from the extra electricity generated over me cleaning them for free I'm not convinced it is a better option. Maybe every few years makes sense.

BTW: My office is now an even bigger mess than it was before.


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