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Societal Politics

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Today there was a post by Basecamp on Societal Politics at work, it's worth a moment to read, which you can do here, it's OK, I'll wait.

I then had a long discussion with other members of the ChargedTech community on their Discord Server. If you are not a member, you are welcome to join. It was the project owen started when he used to have a newsletter, although he still does have a podcast.

It seemed a lot of people were upset by basecamps stance that unless it was related to their business they shouldn't get involved in societal politics and while their employees could and were activity encouraged to do so, they couldn't use the actual basecamp forums for it, but could use anything else they wanted, eg: signal.

I had difficulty understanding why people had a problem with this. At what point did it become a companies job to weigh in on societal politics be they gun control, anti-semitism, drunk drivers, police brutality or BLM. What had it got to do with companies. Companies are not people, people are people. Of course if they are lawyers then maybe they should take a stance on BLM on Police Brutality, unless they are patent attorneys, but you get the point.

Why would anybody working at Apple expect them to have a position on whether Hong Kong should be ruled by China or whether the President of the USA should ban TikTok.

When did employees expect the companies that they work for to do these things? Why are they surprised that companies want to stick to business and pay employees for the thing they actually employ them for, you know the work that they do and stay the hell out of societal politics.

How did we let this madness happen?


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