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SoBe || !SoBe

Days sheltering in place: 156.
Exercise: shopping.
Keyboard practice: just a little entertainment

It's an orangy sky
Always it's some other guy
It's just a broken lullaby
Bye bye love
      - Ric Ocasek. The Cars

It's still stupidly hot, plus there are wildfires not too far away so even if you didn't want to wear a mask outdoors, you would want to wear one anyway. Its definitely an orangy sky outdoors casting odd shadows.

I try to stay hydrated which for me means drinking fluids that taste good and ideally arn't too bad for me. To that end I try to have a decent stock of Sobe flavored drinks, both in the fridge downstairs and the min-fridge by my desk.

If I don't have something good to drink then I won't drink, and that isn't good for me. So I had Sobe by the case delivered on a regular basis. Until recently. Amazon never had it in stock, 3rd party seller started raising their prices. I gave up and went shopping.

What did I find? It was as if they had ceased to exist. Not a single bottle in any flavor in any store.

So it seems it is definitely a case of !SoBe.

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