1 year ago 🏆 for day 1, 2019 with 372 words.

So this is it.

I'll just have to stop procrastinating and actually write this thing. I paid my money - or will be, and now I'm committed.

The box on the right says I have 4 hours left, which seems like ample time, but it isn't even noon yet. I don't even try any serious thinking before 11am and even that is only a warm up to the main work for which I'm employed. It takes me a good 3 hours from when I wake up to when I'm actually ready to start thinking about stuff for real. That's not to say I don't think about things in those first three hours, but in more of a passive, consumption kind of way.

So many thoughts about what to write about, fleeting ideas that seem good but instantly forgotten unless I write them down. I'm going to have to get better at writing them down.

This last year I become really bad at passive consumptive reading. By that I mean, reading stuff of shallow value - not that I am any expert on valuing writing. What I did was instead of reading quality books with content that would improve my insight on the world, people, personalities, or improve my ability to think about issues,... I have resorted to reading the news. Something which I had been avoiding for many years. I read my RSS feeds, Apple News, Google News, tech newsletters and if things get really really desperate I'll even resort to looking for interesting reading on twitter. The whole thing was a huge time sink. I enjoyed the reading at the time, but what did I get out of it other than not being bored. Did it improve my life in anyway, my outlook. I'm pretty sure I can say that it didn't.

I have a stack of books to read, that I really should get on with reading. I haven't read an actual book end-to-end since sometime in Oct/Nov 2017. I started three books in 2018 and abandoned them all. Which means I didn't read anything substantive in 2018. That needs to change.

Can I put my phone down, put my computer down, and pick up a book and read it.

I'm game!


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