2 years ago 🥁 for day 160, 2020 with 277 words.

So Fo Mo Lo

Days sheltering in place: 84.
Ants in the kitchen: ~5 at various times.
Keyboarding: I watched a video on music theory, does that count?

The California Governor says it is up to each county as to when they want to move to Phase 3 but they can whenever they want. My county is being a little more cautious than others in that respect. The whining I read online from my local residents really makes me wonder. Oh well not me, not catching me in a bar, gym or restaurant anytime soon.

Only thing I really needed was a hair cut. A couple of weeks ago Karen gave me a quick trim while we waited for my new razor to arrive, It would double as a beard trimmer and hair trimmer. Sunday she did pass one of my new haircut and today after a shower to see how it all fell into place she did phase two. I think she did a great job. It’s somewhat thinner and shorter, but given the hot summer temperatures here it makes sense to get it cut this way anyway.

Meanwhile my local (30 minutes drive away) AppleStore is open again tomorrow so I may go and try returning the iPad Pro that I have been trying to return for the last 75+ days. Just when it looked like it would be open again last week the looting happened so they have been closed the last week.

I’m glad to see them open again, even if open for repairs, returns and pickups of online orders. It’s a small sign that things are slowly, carefully, returning to some semblance or order.

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