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Shelter In Place: Day 9

Rolls of toilet paper left: 7

Another day, more infections, more deaths, the new normal. As always I check the US map which you can find here. 95% increase in NY since Sunday.

Does more testing provide higher numbers, of course it does? Do higher numbers mean more deaths, it seems not. NYC has almost 50% of the reported cases but only 30% of the deaths with a rate that is just under 1%. Washington State on the other has 2.7% of the cases but a death rate of 5%. California has 4.5% of the cases and a death rate of 2.1%.

The more testing we do, the bigger the numbers are going to get. It is suspected - at least by me - that a much larger proportion of the Populus have already been infected and testing would show that, and also show that the case:death rate is much lower than we think, Also can maintain this low as long as we are sensible about things and here-in lies the rub, getting people to stay calm, not rush things and wait this out instead of calling it solved after a couple of weeks.

Yeah, you know who I'm talking about, probably.

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