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Shelter In Place: Day 7

Rolls of toilet paper left: 8

Of late many of my posts have been written in bed using an external Bluetooth keyboard and my iPad. You can spot these ones as the grammar probably sucks. On my MacBook I have grammarly, on my iPad I do not. Yes I know that there is some kind of grammarly keyboard for iOS but so far I have resisted.

I work in HealthIT and we provide a service scheduling medical staff. I can’t say much but things are really different now to how they were a week ago. The jobs nurses are doing and where they are doing them is completely different. Non-urgent surgeries are now effectively cancelled until this is all over.

I’m a big fan of the Internet of Things, well, the Internet of Things that integrate with HomeKit or can be made to integrate with HomeKit. One of the devices that our old insurance company sent to us was a bunch of “detectors” which could be used to detect things like a door being opened, a water leak, a temperature change or a smoke alarm going off. I used a couple of them to keep a check on the fridge and freezer temperatures, another couple to check for water leaks under the fridge and washing machine. The final one I stuck next to the main smoke alarm so that if it went off while we were out we would be informed.

Today when smoke from the oven - it’s OK, the food wasn’t burnt - set off the smoke alarm, which then triggered the other smoke alarms in the house to join in the one device that didn’t let me know that there was a problem was the one IoT device whose sole job it was to do just that. IoS it was. Total failure. I’ll have to have words with the company responsible.

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