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Shelter In Place: Day 6

Rolls of toilet paper left: 9

“ We will be restoring normality as soon as we are sure what is normal anyway. Thank you.” — Trillian, Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy

Things are quiet, things are changing. Some are getting back to normal - like food in the supermarkets - and some are not - total lack of toilet paper to buy, should you actually need any.

Other things are changing such as Best Buy’s curb-side pickup. Order online and drive to Best Buy, they’ll bring the purchases out to your car. Want to buy something in store, no chance. Last week you could go inside the store, those days are gone. Only staff are allowed Now. You can still drive to the store and they will go in and get it for you. It’s the equivalent of take out. Given the choice I might as well order from Amazon. No wonder BestBuy have a sale on this weekend. It was my go to place to handle and feel new tech, can’t do that anymore.

Talking of Amazon, next day Prime is out the window. Next day Prime delivery is now four day delivery. As the stores are closed everybody is ordering online and Amazon is obviously the place to go but they can’t keep up. Amazon - sensibly - are prioritizing orders. Want a new pair of headphones, sorry go to the end of the queue. Want some household sanitary or medical supplies, jump to the head of the queue. It’s not prime as we know it but just like the dot com crash of 2000 (if you were old enough to remember that) Amazon will be one of the companies that really survives this and comes out the other side with a rebounding stock value.

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