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Shelter In Place: Day 5

Rolls of toilet paper left: 9

No, I'm not hoarding them. I buy in packs of 16 or 20 rolls when I get down to the last 3 or so and got some a few weeks ago. It'll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

The weekend feels like another day, not really like a Saturday. While I normally work at home anyway, this - and it is important for those of you that normally don't work at home - is not how working at home really is. This is a crisis situation that is not normal for conducive work at home.

If you aren't getting much work done at home, think about how much work you would be getting done at your office. Everyone's minds would be on everyone else's health and how it would affect them, watching the news constantly or the financial markets if that is of importance to you. So much of your mindshare would be on this with little ability to control it. You wouldn't get much to any work done.

It was like this when I used to live in the Caribbean. Hurricane season occurs every year during which you are continuously watching the weather. Which way are oncoming storms going? Where they are predicted to go? Are they gathering or weakening in strength? Checking the satellite and weather prediction updates with updates every two hours. Glued to the endless loop of little information on the weather channel. Every decision affected by the situation.

Thankfully with hurricane season, there is a predictable end to it when it is too cool for hurricanes to form, with this virus there isn't. This is where we are now. It's going to get a lot worse before there will be any signs of it getting better.

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