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Shelter In Place: Day 2

Another normal’ish day, if you can call this normal. Well it’s the new normal it seems. I work at home so nothing too different there. Things are changing in our industry (heathcare) so we are doing our best to support our customers changing needs.

Apple announced a new iPad Pro. I brought Karen a new one to replace the one that was stolen only a week ago. As the new one is better and cheaper, and I’m within the 14 day “no questions asked” return period I ordered the new one and will be returning the “almost new” one when the Apple Stores open again - Apple extended the return period to be 14 days after they re-open instead of 14 days after purchase.

Of the events I was attending in the UK in April all but one had all been cancelled, the last one has now been postponed a year. Not because of the virus but due to some administrative mix-up with double booking and this event took the hit. Now the entire trip is off. All the hotels are cancellable, ditto the car. We can cancel or re-schedule our flights. Now we have to decided August or Christmas, both dates have worked well in the past.

I have my iBooks copy of Blindsided. Haven’t made it through the first chapter yet, but gripping stuff so far.

Oh and SpaceX failed to land their stage 1 rocket, again.

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