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Shelter In Place: Day 18

Rolls of toilet paper left: 5

“Here in my car I feel safest of all” - Garry Numan

American was always a car nation - or as Kenny Everett would describe it, a country full of rose colored vehicles, a pink car nation. But now, even though there is less traffic on the roads, shopping from your car is way it is.

There has always been drive throughs. First for fast food like MacDonalds and In-n-Out Burger. Then for places like Starbucks. Some places have drive through banks and pharmacies which I used to think was excessive. Until I had sleeping kids in my car, or even young kids in my car at all. Drive throughs were designed for parents with young kids and boy did I love them.

But they were always optional. You could go in the restaurant and order-in, or you could use the drive-through. Sometimes late at night for the safety of the staff you could only use the drive through.

Now, it’s all you can use. Restaurants are closed, but they will deliver - which doesn’t really affect the pizza business of course - but if you want a BigMac you better have a car.

BestBuy are still open because businesses still need computers, but you can’t go in the store. You order online then drive to the make-shift drive through. Give them your order number and they will bring your purchase to you. I did that today. I needed a new MacBook and I picked it up while sitting in my car. Grocery markets have been doing this for a while and it’s going to be the only way we shop if this continues.

Order online or at the drive through, no more going into stores, no more leaving your car.

After all, it’s where you feel safest of all.


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