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Shelter In Place: Day 17

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6

Rolls of toilet paper on any shelf in any store: 0

I’m really getting exhausted with interviewing DevOps people. For those that have only been the interviewee and found the process tiring, being the interviewer is no easy task either especially when you are planning on hiring somebody investing in their future and hoping that you made the right decision. I don’t envy anybody that is responsible for this task, it isn’t fun - ever - and takes away from your normal job. Unless of course you work in HR. In which case this might be your normal job and you might even find it fun.

Grocery stores are really starting to tighten up here as the “tested positive” count for California goes over 11,000 people. As a percentage of the population California is way down there compared to other states but people tend to look at absolute numbers and apart from New York and New Jersey California is up there.

The stores are limiting the number of people inside making it easy for everyone to stay 6 feet apart while shopping. They normally charge for bags but now they are giving paper bags away for free because if you bring your own re-usable bag, the cashiers aren’t allowed to touch it and you have to bag yourself - always my preference as I can “out bag” most packers anyway.

Interesting changes, interesting times.,

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