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Shelter In Place: Day 15

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6 (still)

Warning, New Shiny Alert...

Today we finished “The English Game” on NetFlix, a period drama about the originals of Football (the non-USA version), the FA Cup (oldest Football trophy BTW) but really the series was about the fight between the working class North (in this case Lancashire) and the the pubic school bred South (in this case Eton and London in general) using football as a background to link it all together. It was quite fascinating, especially as it is based on true events.

We have been watching one episode a day - my choice - and one episode of Picard - my wife’s choice. Picard is OK, but like almost all Star Trek TV forgettable in many ways.

My new Sony WH-1000MX3 headphones arrived today. After my Bose QC-25’s were stolen in the break-in I decided to replace them with something else, although it’s still very tempting to just buy a new pair of QC-25s. I wanted to go wireless, even though the quality will suffer, so that I had the mobility. Thankfully the Sony’s come with the option of plugging in a cable instead of using Bluetooth and you can tell the difference when you do. It’s subtle but it’s definitely more murky over Bluetooth. We shall see. @owen highly recommended them and so far they have been OK.

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