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Shelter In Place: Day 14

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6

Two weeks already, it seems longer yet, I get the feeling we are only at the start. Looks like we’ll doing this until the end of April, at least, probably longer. It’s going to be an odd summer. Everything is now closed until further notice. All the Disney resorts, the school across the street from my home. Some airlines have grounded all their planes. Air travel is still continuing but - by my calculations - about 1/10th of what it was.

For us it’s business as usual, or business as well as we can manage it when this is taking up a portion of your mind share whether you want it to or not.

Actually we’re staffing up, or trying to. As a fully remote company, adding more staff - as long as they are fully remote also - is relatively easy. If this is the their first experience of working fully remotely then it might be a challenge for them but in the field that I am looking - Senior LAMP Stack and DevOps - finding people that you may never actually meet who do great work is not hard.

OK, actually it is hard. My Inbox is full of CV’s’ from recruiters who are eager to make a commission from placing somebody with our company. Wading through, reading, considering and giving feedback on them all is exhausting.

Still somebody has to do it and in our company, that somebody is me.


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