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Shelter In Place: Day 11

Rolls of toilet paper left: 6

Trips outside: 3. I went to collect the mail. I went to fix one of the outside surveillance cameras that had been knocked by a bird, cat, possum, squirrel etc and the third time was to cut some roses from the garden a picture of which I posted on the Chatty Writers Telegram group.

Until I brought this house I had never grown roses or anything else much since I grew some crocuses as a child. I accidentally grew a water melon once from some discarded seeds in the sand at the place I was living in the Caribbean. Karen is currently growing something from grapefruit seeds in the kitchen.

The previous owners must have loved roses because there are about 14 bushes with at least 7-8 different varieties. I get to enjoy so many different colors. Reds, yellows, pinks, whites in different styles. I particularly like the ones in my front garden which grow in a very frilly style and last a long time.

As I commented on the chart group I don’t normally cut them. I let them grow, flower, die and then I prune them. I let the insects enjoy them and do what it is that they do to help the natural part of nature that is their business - except the greenfly, they are a pest and will be sudded when spotted.

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