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Shelter In Place: Day 0

Today my county along with 6 other counties and the City of Berkeley issued an order for everyone to "Shelter at their place of residence" for the next three weeks. Why "The City of Berkeley" was singled out when the city is in a county that was issuing the order I don't know, but as they always want to be seen as progressive it's a very Berkeley kind of thing to do.

What does this mean? After reading the order it would seem that we have to stay indoors except for essential reasons for going out.

Exceptions are:

  • If you need to work, and the business you work at isn't closed down and can't work at home
  • If you need medical or food supplies
  • You are taking care of somebody else
  • Excercise, outside

All non-essential businesses are closed. Essential businesses seem to include:

  • Healthcare
  • Food
  • Hardware
  • Banks
  • Media
  • Utility Companies
  • Postal / Shipping
  • Contractors (Electrician, Plumber, etc)
  • Cleaning services
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Pet Store

All the restaurants are closed. They can still provide food but only for delivery/takeaway.

You can go out but have to stay at least six feet from anybody else. You can use public transit, which will continue running, but again six-foot rule applies.

No outside gatherings. Gatherings inside your residence are not limited - other than by common sense.

Many local restaurants and delivery services are already offering free delivery to try and stay in business. Where they will get all these extra delivery people from I'm not sure. All the people that have just been furloughed for three weeks without pay probably.


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