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Sheets of Joy

Days of COVID: 303.
Exercise: 2.2 mile walk (to buy yogurt and butter).
Welsh word of the day: Ffrog (dress).

I'm learning the words for clothing in my Welsh lessons. This will be the first week that I won't get promoted but (hopefully) I won't get demoted either. I'm going to have to give up and learn the Welsh pronunciation of words, or the letters and combinations of letters, especially dd, ff, ll, etc. That word up above may look like Frog to you, but trust me it is pronounced nothing like it. There are only so many Welsh words I can remember the spelling of without knowing how to pronounce them. The other issue is I can't roll my r's and that is essential for Welsh. I need to practice more.

In other news - and this one I am sure will appease Fiene - today I played "Ode to Joy" without looking at the keyboard (well maybe a tad) but while reading real sheet music. OK, only a few bars but for real, reading sheet music.

I knew sooner or later I was going to have to do it. There is only so many songs (or the opening bars to songs) that I can remember and while the Scribblings musical notation would work for some things I wasn't going to get very far without facing up to the fact that I really need to read the stuff.

The issue is that I have never found a way that really works well for me, until today. Serena mentioned SimplyPiano and while I have tried numerous apps without feeling that they really worked for me I saw no harm in trying yet another one. If it can get me to play with two hands and read music so that I understand it at playing speed then it will be a major (not a minor) success. We'll see. So far it has got me to single note, right hand only version of Ode to Joy.

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