1 year ago 🥁 for day 346, 2020 with 287 words.

Seven Eleven

Exercise: Nope.
Keyboard: Slaughtering Slade.

Pushed a new release today, possibly the last one for the year, although we may slip another one in next Friday if I’m left alone by the rest of the staff, we’ll see. I have three DevSecOps engineer interviews Monday & Tuesday next week so that will slow me down.

It’s raining. Which is a welcome change, and probably means warmer weather for a while - cloud cover keeps the heat in at night, clear skies don’t.

Our Christmas Tree - topped with a TARDIS - looks great at night with all of it’s twinkling lights - note light, not burn down the house candles that only crazy people think is a good idea to attach to something that is flamable.

Leonie’s mask arrived in the Netherlands - you can see just how great it looks over on the Chatty Writers Telegram Channel. As it’s past the start of December I started wearing mine too when I go out.

We started watching the West Wing. That will keep us busy for a while.

It’ll finally all be over on Monday when the people who cast the votes, cast the votes and we’ll have a new President Elect with no going back and no matter how many law-suits you file the supreme court will not do your bidding for you, even if you put those judges on the bench.

Then there is the AirPod Max Headphone, a whole completely different post.

Two weeks until we find out what was in that Home Depot Box.

This is the Seven Hundred and Eleventh post.

Stay Safe Everyone.

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