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Selling Scribblings.com

I have owned the above domain for just over twenty years. Sort of on a whim, I obtained it while at WWDC'99 back in the days when it was:

  1. Not that easy to obtain domains as there were very few places to buy them
  2. It was expensive
  3. It was complicated

It cost me £44.68 and £165 for scribblings.co.uk, the later I only kept for a year as UK domain registration was stupidly expensive at the time and it was obvious that .com was where it was at.

I also needed somewhere to host it and chose Dreamhost a small private hosting company in southern California because a friend of mine hosted his personal web site there even though he lived in the UK. I trusted he had done his research. Twenty years later my domain is still hosted with them. I pay $7 a month to host unlimited domains, e-mail addresses with no limits on storage or bandwidth. I have done well for me, never increased the cost and they — as a company — seem to have done OK too, and are still a private company.

At some point I was contacted to see if I wanted to sell my domain. I had decided quite early on that I was unlikely to ever sell it. It was my personal domain, and was slowly becoming my "handle". The only thing I felt the domain could be used for — other than by me — was a host for bloggers. Thus you could have sub-domains like yoricks.scribblings.com etc. Maybe one day I'll still do that.

The person wasn't able to offer me anything substantial as they didn't have the means. It was an independent artist who had put out an album of piano music called "Scribblings" after recovering from cancer. People searching for the album found my site, and not his.

As he couldn't offer me anything monetary of value we came to an agreement. He would send me a CD of each of his albums and I would put a link to his album on my web site. I like music, even though piano solos are not really my thing, how could I say no.

The link is still there, and you can listen to the album wherever you get your music, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud, etc


Oh and the guy, Matthew Zachary went on to do other good for the world too it seems.


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