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Sell, Sell, Sold

Exercise: Nope.
Welsh phase of the day: wedi blino (tired).

Well this is almost it. Two years of writing. Today should be day 730 which as everyone knows is 365 + 365 so two years, but not quite. This year was a leap year so that means one more day to have written for two years, or at least these last two years.

Congratulations to Fiene for making it to one solid year.

Somebody asked me the other day where to sell stuff online, and I suggested Facebook Marketplace. Back in the day you would sell stuff in the classified, or a garage sale or eventually eBay, Craiglist and then Facebook Marketplace. I've used them all, and FB is my favorite (and most successful place to sell used stuff).

As a qualifier my friend asked what I had sold, and I quickly dug up this list:

  • mountain bike
  • two cars (Toyota Prius + Bmw Mini Cooper S)
  • macBook pro 13" x2
  • DSLR lens
  • Apple Watch Series 4 x2
  • AppleWatch Series 3+GPS
  • Bread Maker
  • Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks Speakers
  • AppleWatch Series 2
  • iPhone 6GS x2
  • iPad Mini x2
  • iPad
  • Google Wifi
  • Apple TV
  • Original AppleWatch x2
  • Misc kids toys, boster seats etc

Seems I've sold a bunch.

Anybody want to buy a used Bread Maker (yes another one) and an iPhone 6S 16GB Unlocked (yes another one of those two). I have a bunch of Google Mini's too, but they made decent paperweights I guess. They'll all get replaced with homePod mini's eventually.

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