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Chocolate VAT

Exercise: Blew the leaves, changed the ant baits
Welsh phrase of the day: Scribbling dw i (I am Scribblings)

Yes, the ants are back. Not in force, but the odd one here or there. Either because it has been raining or because I have been bringing in piles of work for the log fire and I've spotted ants on some of the logs in the pile outside, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I have brought a few in. If they stay on the logs they will undoubtedly meet a quick, hot and fiery death.

In the UK there is VAT on chocolate covered biscuits but not on chocolate covered cakes. In Ireland the same in true, except there is VAT but at a vastly reduced amount.

Of all the Christmas goodies that Karen had shipped over from the UK the one item that the import store couldn't get, failed to get or just plain dropped the ball was Jaffa Cakes which many consider them in genre of biscuit although as the name states that are definitely a cake. Even, though they are biscuit in size, VAT rules say that they are cake - a very small cake, but cake.

As we couldn't get them and I decided I wasn't going to settle for the Lu Pim's Orange European Biscuit Cookies which are kind of like Jaffa cakes, are designed to be Jaffa Cakes, but have biscuits in the name, because they are absolutely not as good... Karen offered to try and make them.

And she did, fresh sponge, orange center and 70% melted dark chocolate on top. Oh and they are so so good.

Not sure if I should leave one out for Santa, much better than leaving out a mince pie and sherry.

Did I mention how amazingly lucky I am of late?

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