4 months ago for day 165, 2020 with 419 words.

Science vs Religion

Days sheltering in place: 89.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0 (three ants today).
Keyboarding: Continuing practice of the Imperial March.

Note: I may not actually write about Science vs Religion, but by titling this post as such it will remind me that I meant to write about it but was distracted.

I discovered today that I could use the Moog D iOS App with my Mini Keyboard. This is great for me, probably not so much for anybody with ear-shot.

I have a decent size yard that surrounds three sides of my house. In one part of it I have grass. I can’t remember if the main part of the yard had grass when I brought the house but as the irrigation system broke shortly afterwards I let it die anyway. The grass area (approx 10 ft by 10 ft) that I have been tending is very patchy but survives.

There has been suggestions that we get the garden re-turfed, which would definitely work, but would die if we didn’t get the irrigation system fixed.

Instead I decided to experiment with trying to rescue the patch of grass that I have. I had tried patching the areas that needed grass with seed with some success, I set up a sprinkler that runs every morning automatically at dawn.

What I didn’t know how to deal with with a non-toxic way to deal with the weeds - mainly variations of dandelions - and giving the grass nourishment. Grounds men (or women no doubt) probably know this stuff well, but I’m a software engineers and laws don’t work the same way as code.

Never the less I signed up for a service that will send me lawn “food” suitable for my lawn at different times of the year based on my location and a soil sample. This week I received the first shipment which included a pouch of “lawn food” to be sprayed and a bottle “Dandelion Doom” which is a non-toxic herbicide. Interestingly enough both contain Iron. It seems grass likes iron and weeds don’t.

Also in the shipment is some seeds for patching and some mulch to help the seeds germinate. If it’s not too hot tomorrow that will be the task, else later before you have to keep grass seed damp for many days and 91ºF days are not the ones to be attempting re-seeding on.

Tomorrow, the real post about Science vs Religion (maybe).


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